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massaging whirl pool,toped with cozy bubblesHot-stone-massageimages (48)WHIRLPOOL & HOT STONES  DELUXE  PACKAGE
Ocean  Ov Waves
B-Spntaneouse  Jump   Inn  &  Try  our
New  Ocean  of  Waves  Refreshing Massaging  WhirLpOOL, Topped with  cozy  BuBBles. { Waters  warm and  soothing  or  Ice  cold  & Refreshing,  which  ever  way  U like  it  :)
History   of  the   Hot   Stones   Therapy   
*The   European  Cultures  used  Hot  Rocks  to  heat  their   saunas   and  applied
Hot  stones  to  tired  &   sore  muscles  pain   native   Americans   also  used    Hot   Stones
In  their  traditional    Sweat     lodge ,  while  smaller  hot  stones  were   passed   around  to  place  on specific  area    of   tension. The   Chinese   history    dating   back    four    thousand  years     of  Shang  Dynasty    also    shows     the    use    of    Hot   Stones    to   relieve  stress,  tension    &  pain.   The oriental    medicine     Hot   Stones    are   conjunction
With the meridian  channels to promotion a better flow of energy around the body.  

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