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Contractor’s  Agreement to Provide Services
* Body Work * Spray on Tanni
*Massage Therapist * Sales Consultants{Tranquil Breeze}

      This Agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the United states of America and by the laws of the state of Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and any state of business.  (1#) You are supplied a referral , when excepting the referral you have acknowledged that it is your responsibility to be on time and provide your client a professional service ( Body Work / Non-Sexual Services.  ( 2#)  There is no agreement expressed or implied by this contract or verbal agreement that you are to provide any sexual services  or act, for the exchange of any currency whether it is by gift or foreign currency, if so by all is means  that is bounded by this contract agreement / will  suspended  you from doing any business/ Referrals with Diamond's Therapeutic Services  until the case is investigated, if founded that any sexual services / act has been found than you will be terminated from being issued any further referrals & no  future business with all means. 
The contractor shall hold Diamond's Therapeutic Services 
free of any liabilities, ( taxes, equipment and supplies are provide by you and you are to provide your own medical insurance. (4#) It is  strongly recommended that you supply yourself with business insurance. 5#) You are required to dress professional at all times. Black pants & white tops are recommended ,you may also purchase a company shirt. ( long Sleeve or short sleeves to choose from. you must keep all equipment that you use on each client under the quid lines of the regulations and all must use proper hand washing at all times.  (6#) HELPFUL INFORMATION- You may file a 1099 MISC with the Internal Revenue Services as required by law, neither this agreement nor any duties or obligation under this agreement may be assigned by Diamond's Therapeutic Services . 
 you are required to supply at least 2 forms of contact information , 3 Referrals ( Employers)- persons that are not family members) 
(8#) You must give Diamond’s Therapeutic services at least 1 weeks’ worth of work availability. 
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3^ Referrals (Employers) Names of supervisors, Place of employment and phone numbers, and dates of employment.


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