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Happy Birth Day ! 
Diamond's  Therapeutic Services
   We have a wonderful  Coupon  for our customers. Please  print out and bring us a copy of this coupon  to be granted this deal.

                  $ 65.00
We love to award our customers to show our appriciation and thanks.
Your BIRTY DAY is a special day and on your BIRTH DAY month,  every day of the month of your Birth Day , for 30 days, you will be granted a reduce rate of a nice percentage off  our 1 Hour sessons ,  including Hot Stones {$ 65.00} with this coupon a $ 125.00  Value Deal WOW!!
We   Also granted unlimited visits.  Example : you may want to set a appointment before  & after you play a game of golf  or  ^ Before your Gym work out & after .   Equivalent to about 15  FREE sessions on your  BI RTH DAY  month only.
    Happy Birth Day ! Enjoy   
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